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If you are driven by the same values we use as a compass, then why not join our team of energised podiatrists in Cottesloe? Our team culture thrives on Excellence, Courage, Inspiration & Fun. We are committed to building a great connection with our patients and with each other as team members. We focus on creating the best possible outcomes for every patient who walks through the door.


Take a look at the podiatry services we offer. We have a culture built around investing in people and in the latest innovative technology, so our podiatrists are supported to offer the best possible care to our patients. When we talk about excellence, we talk about that ability to take pride in going above and beyond.  If you believe that your sense of excellence is aligned with ours, let’s have a chat!


As a team, we keep growing and learning, in a rapidly changing world. We rise up to the challenge and we boldly choose the path of growth and leadership. If that’s how you look at being the best you can be, let’s talk!


We are Inspirational, able to think differently, willing to explore innovative and creative new ideas. If that is how you would describe your way to make the most of your role as a podiatrist, let’s talk about your future!


We are Fun, enjoying every moment of every day, as life is too short and too precious. We believe that our patients feel the difference, when we bring the best of ourselves to every situation. We believe that it makes patients feel cared for. If that’s your way of looking at life, let’s explore how we can work together!

Bio-mechanical Assessment

Why Join The Foot Clinic Team?

Our Podiatrists have worked with many leading Australian athletes through to general fitness enthusiasts, mums and dads and kids of all ages. We are proud of our work, and if you decide to join us you will find that we have created a great environment to work in.

Check out the video, and hear more from podiatrist Suresh Sivacolundhu if you resonate with our values, and if you believe that you would be a good fit, use the form below to tell use a little more about yourself. We look forward to meeting you!